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School Style Favorites: Luxe Link and Pixie Pants

Pants...the struggle is real. 
I vividly remember crying in the American Eagle dressing room in the mid-2000's because I couldn't find jeans that fit me (ironically I still have a pair of jeans from AE that fit me from HS). 
I had to wear Limited Too Jeans(the words "limited two do NOT look right in black arial font, where my purple sparkle at?). Clearly the world was going to end. 
The world didn't end, but I had to grow up and get real pants to go to work in so it was back to crying in dressing rooms (or really just buying all the dresses ever). Until I found the pixie pant from Old Navy. NEW FAVORITE ALERT!!! Listen to me! Listen to Amy! GET A PAIR. 

Can we also talk about my other new favorite thing? Luxe Link Purse Hooks. Luxe Link graciously sent me a few to try and I LOVE them. Personally, I use my hook in my classroom because my floor is disgusting (I teach in the country and often have all sorts of manure on the floor, I wish I was kidding). Due to state of the floor after .537 seconds of having kids in the room I was cramming my bag into a cupboard and it was getting all squished. So my options were wrinkled or crappy (literally). Needless to say I am a BIG FAN. Plus my hair dresser has one and she is the coolest. 
You can read more about them HERE
See how they work HERE 
and buy them HERE. 

 Pants//Old Navy Pixie Pant Top//Loft Similar Shoes//Target Lakitia Flat  Bag//Jon Heart Left Bank 

Disclaimer: I was given Luxe Link to review, opinions are 100% my own.

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Meg O. said...

You are so fabulous! Oh how I miss my cute pants ant prints as my tummy and butt is expanding! I wish they had those pants in a maternity style!

Eloquently Emily said...

I absolutely love these pants! I definitely need to check them out and order a pair! Have a great week love!

All That Glitters said...

I have some and I pants ever!

Rachel said...

You are the cutest little teacher EVER. I have been wanting these pants but am too terrified to try them butt and thighs are definitely not my smallest part, but I love how cute these are! May have to try them on anyway :)

abby said...

I definitely did not know about pixie pants until just now. As a shortie with a bootie I find shopping for pants unbearable and typically end up cuffing mine. These are really cute though, so I am making a mental note.
xx Abby | a geek tragedy

Unknown said...

You are SO cute, I can hardly stand it. A friend and I have been talking about these Pixie pants. I tried a pair on this weekend... waiting for my weather to warm up and for them to go on sale. You look fab! xoxo

Darby Hawley said...

Seriously, how do you get more and more gorgeous with every picture? You are glowing my love!!! You rock those pants....and I can't believe, well maybe I just don't want to believe, that you've got poo on the floor at work :-( Thank goodness you got that hook!