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Tough Mudder Weekend

This weekend Reese and his friends from college competed in the Central Texas Tough Mudder in Rockdale Texas. The name is pretty accurate-- it is tough and it is muddy or so I am told. For the record, I did get splashed with mud while in the heat of the picture taking action, so I can vouch. Street cred is important in rigorous athletic endeavors like the Tough Mudder. 

The whole idea is to work as a team to run 10ish miles periodically stopping to do ridiculous obstacles... basically it is for people who are insane. Our boys did a great job they showed great strength and endurance (the beer at the end of the race had NOTHING to do with that I am sure). We were seriously so proud of them! With obstacles with names like "Electric Shock Therapy" (running through charged electrical wires) and "Arctic Enema" (Jumping into a ridiculously cold ice bath) and "The Mud Mile" (a mile of mud hills to climb over) you could not pay me enough to attempt it. It was great to see the boys really work as a team and encourage one another when it seemed to difficult to move on. Even as just a spectator I felt encouraged and motivated! 

The boys finished with pride in their eyes, bruises that tell the story for weeks to come and a beer in their hand the perfect way to end a race. The girls left with with man respect for our men and some pretty sick tan lines! We finished up the weekend with a well deserved trip to Austin's 6th Street where we sang the night away at Pete's Piano Bar! 
Team MUDstache Before/After 
and if you wanna see the 34548 pictures I took you can see them HERE 
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Unknown said...

YAY REESE! ...and friends!

I was going to suggest that we choose a state and do this together next year. Until I read about the shocks. And the ice bath. Let's just pick a state and go shopping instead *hair flip emoji*


Because Shanna Said So said...

Yay!! My husband did this last year and was so crazy proud of him. This isn't an easy race...only the few survive!! LOL!! Give him a high five for me!! It was the perfect weekend and weather, right?

Unknown said...

Gosh these things the boys do are insane. Brannon and his buddies do the Spartan Beast Race. They've done it two years in a row so far. 13+ miles, and a lot of strength obstacles. If you don't do an obstacle correct you have to do 20 burpees. o_0 Its nuts.

The only thing that turns them away from the tough mudder is the electric shock thing... I don't get that at all! lol

Meg O. said...

That's so awesome!! Go Reese!!

Unknown said...

Ahhh Tough Mudder is so scary to me. I used to work for the company who did the Run For Your Lives Zombie 5K. Its exactly like TM but its a 5K and there are zombies chasing after you. I set up and ran each race but you couldn't pay me money to run the actual race myself. The shock at the end is toooo scary. The pics look great!

put a bow on it [kaitlyn] said...

Why do you look so good in that neon orange?! I look like scary, realllll scary.

Darby Hawley said...

Wow that looks very intense! I don't think I'd make it; bravo to Reese! PS I also love that pic of you and Mr. H!