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Stamp of Approval

I am a serial stamp of approval giver. On the spectrum of a Lily Stamp to a Ted Stamp ( How I Met your Mother " The Stamp Tramp") I lean pretty heavily to the Ted side. I LOVE everything or this or that is the BEST EVER. Although I give my stamp of approval a lot, a stamp tramp if you will, I really do love everything I stand behind. I don't like to waste my time or my money on stuff that is just ok so all of my stamps have been thoughtfully vetted.

Take this extremely random list of the products I have acquired recently that I can no longer live with out (well one I rediscovered but...);

1. Wet Brush  The depths of loathing I had for brushing and blow drying my wet hair were so deep that I am pretty sure they had 8 layers instead of Dantes original 7, but after I tried this brush (that I picked up from Target) I now find JOY, JOY I tell you in brushing my wet hair... the waking up early enough to take a shower and do my hair part is now the part I am working on.

2. Mario Badescu   I was the girl with the 8 half empty (and yes they were most definitely half EMPTY) bottles of cash wash and acne potions and lotions under her counter. NO MORE. Mario Badescu has been a God send. Use one product, use two, use eight they are a lll GREAT.
PS Reese uses this line too and equally loves it as much as I do.

3.  Too Faced Soleli Bronzer: Its the trick to Kim Kardashian style contouring (love her or hate her homegirl can contour) and it smells like chocolate. Kardashian contouring and chocolate... no more need for convincing.

4. Seamless Footies: I picked these little footies from Banana Republic because I needed $4 to get a discount on my purchase and I am so glad I picked these babies up. Never in my life have I loved a sock more!

5. dough scraper: I've been on a veggie kick--like two weeks ago I kinda just forgot to add any meat to my meals, so having this dough scraper to pick up all the veggies that have been sliced and diced by my knives has been awesome!

6. Eucalyptus Mint Room Spray: Last year I got really into essential oils (I still am for the record) and I diffused some peppermint in my room and proceeded to feel like I lived at the North Pole for a week and a half. Bath and Body Eucalyptus Mint room spray (...and lotion, and body wash, and candle) took me out of the North Pole and back to just a simply relaxing space.

7. Stella McCartney Fragrance: This is the product I rediscovered. I wore this perfume in high school. In fact I had a little roll on vile of the stuff that broke in my prom handbag so all night it is all I smelled --good thing it smells amazing. I rediscovered it recently and now have an irresistible urge to want to frolic at high school dances all the time now (NOT, I just forgot how great it smells)

There you go party people, Meg's newest approved products!

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Whitney H said...

Obviously any post that references HIMYM is Whitney approved. :) I definitely need to get my hands on this brush. With my hair getting so long, It's been really painful to brush!

Darby Hawley said...

Oh this was the wet brush you were mentioning!!! I NEED to try this out :-)

Unknown said...

Must. Try. That. Bronzer! You convinced me. Loved this post!


put a bow on it [kaitlyn] said...

COUGH thank you kaitlyn for the bronzer rec and having a reason to buy those socks COUGH