I'd Rather be Watching Gilmore Girls

Favorite Movie? Can't pick one for my life. 
One meal I could eat for the rest of my life? Yep, can't choose. 
Favorite Book? To Kil..Fahrenheit...Gone... Nope can't make me choose for a million dollars?
Favorite color? All of them? 
Any other ice breaker questions that are asked at functions that are meant to "help you get to know the other people" don't have answers, but I do have one that I can whole heartily answer with out wavering in the least. 
Favorite TV show? GILMORE GIRLS. 

My mom and I watched the show religiously. We cried during the last episode. I still quote the show on a daily basis (favorite being Coffee, Coffee, Coffee and Oy vey with the Poodles), and obscure references may have helped me on more than a few more tests than I would like to admit. Once I filled an entire wedding card with quotes from the show... from memory ("Congratulations are for the groom, best wishes are for the Bride"). Yes, I think I have a classic case of Fan Girl. 

Lorelei Gilmore is my spirit animal. Rory Gilmore is the reason I like a good cup of joe (and coincidentally may be on the verge of needed an intervention). Dean made me believe in love and have extremely high expectations of great boyfriends (Reese, i'm still waiting for my car!). Jess made me want to be with a boy who writes notes in the margins of a book, but walks away in a leather motorcycle jacket ("Cause if you're gonna throw your life away he'd better have a motorcycle!"). Logan made me want to steal a boat and plant an avocado tree. Lane made me want to hide things in my floor boards. Sookie made me want to be a chef (something I'm still kinda not over). Luke made me believe in the good guy. Ms. Patty made it ok to play with the line of what is considered "appropriate". Kirk made me feel second hand embarrassed in the best way possible and Paris made me want to simultaneously punch her in the face and give her a huge hug. 

Life in Starshollow was, and still is because it lives on on the interwebz and on my shelf (in the form of all 7 seasons I own on DVD), grand. 

I'd Rather be Watching Gilmore Girls

Sidebar: Jared Padalecki's cousin was my senior Calculus teacher and pretty much the only reason I am not still in High School trying to pass math. With that said I am, and always will be TEAM LOGAN, but Dean/Jared is a REALLLLL close second. If you are Team Jess... I just can't go there. Call but doesn't speak? Runs off when he says I love you? I just can't.

And Lorelei's love life? If you are not Team Luke forever and always you can just move to Woodbridge. Although Christopher is still pretty swoon worthy . 


Whitney H said...

I love the show and used to watch it all the time! But I haven't seen the whole thing so I'm TOTALLY doing that this weekend :)

nicole s. said...

sooo i just posted the link for that sweatshirt on like ten friends' facebook walls. i love this post. i'm so excited to rewatch! i unfortunately got really busy in school around the time Rory went to Yale, so i never finished the show. the first few seasons were my jam though and i think i'll like it even more now than i did then.

also, the way you are about GG is *exactly* the way i am about sex and the city. i quote it daily, own all the seasons but still watch it when it's on tv, compare everyone i know to all the characters and reference things that happened on the show to real life constantly.

xoxo nicole

Rachel said...

I. LOVE. EVERYTHING. ABOUT. THIS. POST. I knew I liked you.....we were meant to be bff because we're soul Gilmore Girls sisters. FAVORITE show, too. I watch them over and over every single day and never get sick of them. EVER. I need that sweatshirt.

Unknown said...

This weekend will be spent reliving my childhood by watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I'll be pretending I'm cozied up with my BFF in matching sweaters, too.


Musings of Mollie said...

I don't have Netflix... I know, I cannot believe it either. I just want to rewatch everything!!! Team Luke forever.

Amy Powell said...

I'm halfway through my 5th (I think?) viewing of the series right now. I need that sweatshirt. adorable.

Annie said...

I've seen episodes of this show but not enough to really know it... That said, I LOVE this post and your enthusiasm makes me so much more excited to start the series on Netflix!

Unknown said...

Best. Post. Ever. I too share your obsession!

xox Alice

grrfeisty said...

my best friend went to high school with alexis bledel. YAY HOUSTON! [st agnes high school!]

Lauren said...

I get weirdly personally offended when people aren't Team Logan. Like what is wrong with you? They could have been so good together! I think if Amy Sherman Palladino had still been running the show in season 7 then they would have ended up together. Still bitter over here...

Anonymous said...

I knew I liked you. This confirms it. I still make references to it EVERY DAY. You are the coolest & I cannot wait for my sweatshirt!

Thanks for being so open, honest, & cute!

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Love this! Gilmore Girls is my favorite!

Meg O. said...

Why do I have a sudden urge to start watching Gilmore Girls, even though I've never seen a single episode? Oh, it's because you're cute.

Stella Cadente said...

I never watched Gilmore Girls but I did meet Jared Padalecki a couple years ago...he's SO tall!

Lauren Elizabeth
Petite in Pearls

Kelsey Bang said...

you are the cutest! love these photos!

jess said...

This is adorable. I think I need to add this sweater to my Christmas list :P

Life Into Words said...

I found your blog through Roxy's post this week, and GIRL. I share your same exact sentiments about our beloved Gilmore Girls. The quotes! The crying! The hatred yet love for Paris! :) I also own all seven seasons and have been watching them on Netflix recently (because hello, convenience). And let me just say, I get a weird sense of pleasure out of watching Lorelai fight with people. Her mother when Rory doesn't come home after the dance? When she and Rory stop speaking? When Rory tells Richard and Emily about the termite damage and she wasn't supposed to? Give me all the Lorelai drama!

ANYWAY. Just saying I'm now a reader because anyone that devotes a post to the Gilmores is perfect in my eyes. ;)


Diana Lopez said...

I’m a Gilmore Girls huge fan too. I loved their girly, nerdy, funny conversations full on interesting facts (and the Lennon and Yoko-Ono but super friendly version of their friends lol) Love your blog. Happy New Year