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Jazzhand, Sequins and Thoughts on Being a Dance Director

If you follow me on instagram you know I am the drill (dance) team director at the Jr. High where I teach. It threw a sequined, glittery, sparkly wrench into my life in which I "knew" (ha!) what I was doing. Its October and things aren't slowing down, which I have embraced and I'm just going to follow where the tasseled dance boots take me! 

 Here are just a few thoughts on being a dance director;  

1. Going back to Jr. High is my nightmare. 
TEACHING Jr. High is one thing. Students come, sit (we rarely sit because "i'm a fun teacher"), learn, leave. There is little room for drama or to detail the inter workings of the Jr. High social system. Sure I catch the occasional detail from a passed note or a confiscated cell phone but for the most part I come out on the other side of my day fairly unscathed. I now am in charge of 20 girls in which the sit, learn, leave model does not apply. Enter drama. Enter flashbacks to chunky Doc. Martin sandals and Abercrombie and Fitch (this is the part where my mother, I'm sure, would like you to know she never bought me anything from A&F and the very few pieces I owned were bought with my own money) and the drama that accompanied those special fashion trends. Praise the Lord I am no longer in Jr. High AND cell phones with cameras didn't exist in 2001. Amen. 

2. Call Your Mom and Thank Her. 
I mean it. Right now. Call your mom and thank her for all she did for you and your extracurricular activities dance or otherwise because WOAH, they rock. Dance moms get a bad wrap because I would not exist right now with out my dance moms I would have spontaneously combusted into a glittery cloud of smoke and sequins by now if it weren't for them. 

3. Being involved is FUN. 
My director in high school was a whole lot of words that don't bear repeating (although I will say that he was dannngggg good at his job). I wasn't exactly enthused about taking the job because my memories of him directing or more accurately dealing with teenage girls weren't pleasant. To my surprise I am having a lot of FUN and genuinely love it... it also keeps me off the streets soooo win/win I guess. 

4. Big Bows
Lets be honest, I really just do it to have a legit reason to wear a huge bow to school. 

This would be the point where if I were really being thorough I would include a picture from my dance/drill/colorguard/twirler days but alas they are all neatly packed away in a closet which if I entered I would not return in one piece so "none for you Glenn Coco" so sad. 


Ps. Two Mean girls quotes in one post. Nailed it. 


Because Shanna Said So said...

You are an angel...there is no way no how I could teach that age....let alone be in charge of 20 girls going through puberty!! Ha! And I am calling my mom right now to thank her! :)

Whitney H said...

Seriously I love hearing your stories about drill team! Brings back my cheerleading days :)

Darby Hawley said...

OMG once again you're awesome! Those girlies are so lucky to have you!

Unknown said...

I love seeing your dance pictures! Our dance team definitely didn't wear cute little cowboy boots back in TN, so this is fun to see! (And obviously reminds me of Friday Night Lights!) Glad you are enjoying your new role!

xo Alice

Unknown said...

I love this post and I can't wait to read more from your drill team adventures! I did drill team all through high school and was an officer and the whole bit...that was my whole life! All your Instagram posts have me feeling so nostalgic :) You are an angel for dealing with all those girls because I definitely remember all the drama!

Meghan at Champagne & Suburbs said...

Girlfriend, when I coached girls' soccer, I got the same thing. It is amazing, but holy cow. I am SO glad I was in high school when text messaging was created not now with all that is social media. You go, Glen CoCo. xo

Unknown said...

I keep going back and reading this unit il I can't see anymore ( because it is very difficult to read with tears in your eyes) I am going to miss you so much and to me you will always be meg cady scholz Gilmore - the queen of sarcasm glitter and directors