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Behind the Styled Shoot

One of the distinct pleasures of being a part of a creative culture is meeting some of the best, most passionate, talented creative professionals ever. Yesterday all of those talents came crashing together to create an AMAZING styled shoot to showcasing some beautiful dresses, killer floral/design and stunning hair and make up. Y'all I almost died. The whole shoot had this southwestern/bohemian vibe going on. Which was perfect because if we're being real honest here (which we totally are), I have a whole southwestern/bohemian side to me I don't show all that often so I was in heaven. All of this to say... I can't wait to share the real pictures with yalllllll so you can swoon with me over all the stunning details because trust me they are totally swoon worthy.

The Crew... muah! 

Floral/Styling: Jennifer with Jennifer Laura Designs
Photography: Paige with Awake Photographers
Makeup: Rivki with Rivki Makeup
Hair: Abby with Abby Speaks Hair
Bridesmaid: Meg with
Bridesmaid: Miranda with


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this so quickly! I just shared on my fb page. I love that we all took so many photos so that we had instant's going to be so painful waiting for the film to come back! You looked soooo beautiful yesterday, muah! xoxo

Rachel said...

Holy GORGEOUSNESS. I am obsessed with this look. And you are rocking that red lip, sister. This is just breathtaking!

Bre said...

I had heart eyes on Instagram. I can't wait to see the final edits. Love it.

abby said...

Ah, I saw some previews of this lurking on Instagram. Y'all are the prettiest! Great photos and beautiful setting. Rep H-town. :)
xx Abby a geek tragedy