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Dance Style

Soooo during stressful times in life having common dreams/nightmares is so normal--
Showing up to take a test naked? Normal
Disaster at your wedding? Normal
Having another dance team interrupt your officers duet performance and then tracking them down to yell at them? NOT NORMAL. 

We are in the throws of competition season. Yalllllll 10 years later I totally forgot what competition season entails-- Hairspray, high buns, sequin OH MY.  The learning curve is quite steep, but i'm surviving! I will be the first to admit that I was not the prima ballerina I wished I was, but I could hold my own-ish (A+ for effort right?!). Coaching however, is soooo my niche. 

Part of the fun is getting out with my girls and showing them a thing or two... and I insist on looking cute while I do it because DUH. 

Wrap Top/Leggings: Fabletics 
Bag: Thimble Press given as a hella awesome gift by Kaitlyn 

K gonna go have a few minor mental break downs over the perfect shade of red lipstick and nightmares about dance competitions. 

Pictures taken by the lovely Whitney, Muscles pulled by me.


Unknown said...

Woot woot! You're back to blogging again! I would totally dress like you ... if I could actually dance! :)

Love the cute casual look!

Xo, Alice

Unknown said...

That top <3 lurve! And I think its so awesome that you're a dance coach! Good luck with competition! :)

Unknown said...

Also, you're probably the cutest dance teacher EVER.


Whitney said...

Adorbs as always. Still want that top.


Elle Sees said...

love it! and the sequin water bottle is a coach necessity!! i did baton as a kid and flags in HS. i miss all the hairspray and fuss!