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5 Things that WILL happen at Camp

Ozark Mountains 2009, the year I got chacos and became a "real" crunchy aggie

This weekend I am headed to the Austin-ish area to go to the very last (tear) TXSC. This year we are camping... both literally, staying in cabins, and figuratively Creating A Meaningful Presence (CAMP). I have done my fair share of camping-- girl scout, church camp, family camping, working at a summer camp. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt (no literally I have a tub FULL of camp t-shirts). Amongst all my camping experience a few things ring true time and time again...

1. You WILL come home with stories: 
On one particular family camping trip my mom left some food wrapped in foil on top of a cooler to cool down and we were woken up in the middle of the night by wild hogs tearing through it like... well? wild hogs. She's never lived it down. 

2. You WILL come home with new friends and connections. 
There is something about being in a semi secluded state that makes people bond. Bonding changes peoples lives, changing peoples lives makes you friends. Its a pretty cool cycle. I still have inside jokes with friends from our camp days... they all revolve around boy bands and camp food.

3. You WILL feel like a better you. 
Getting away from it all with like minded people in the beauty of creation hits some hidden reset button in the brain and makes everything just a little bit better. Pinky Promise. 

4. Something WILL go wrong.
It's nature something will happen. One year on a Girl Scout camp out a tornado hit. Like a legit "Toto we're not in Kansas any more" (which is an ironic statement to make because we actually were in Kansas) kind of tornado. It was fun (not really it was freaking terrifying) and we all lived to tell the tale. The year I worked at summer camp I caught the Swine Flu and almost died also a anecdote for the memoir. 

5. It WILL be awesome. 

Lets camp. 

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Unknown said...

Not that I wasn't excited enough for this weekend, but this post just added a whole other level to that excitement!

Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!
xo, Alice

Amy Powell said...

Have the best time! Can't wait to see what comes out of it :)

Whitney H said...

It's going to be AWESOMEEEEEE!!!!! Can't wait to ride/hang with you!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Have fun, babes!