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Audible and Hoopla: Pros of Audiobooks

Audiobooks. I like em. I like 'em a lot.

2 points:

1. I drive a lot. Like way more than I would like to. Also 99.9% of that driving is alone. Don't get me wrong, I love a good road trip but REAL road trips require other people and NSYNC music and junk food from gas stations. I don't go on REAL road trips. I go on driving missions. Driving missions require focus, no extraneous stopping and something more intellectually simulating than poppy 2000's music. Enter Audiobooks.

2. Confession Despite being a teacher and a advocate for reading I am not always a fan of traditional reading because it takes me along time to read a book. I' wait a moment so you can throw rotten tomatoes at me.

 I use two services to listen to them, Audible and Hoopla. With Audible I pay for a monthly subscription and Hoopla works like and in conjunction with a library.

Why I love Audible:

1. Variety
There are almost 180,000 books to chose from. Fiction, non-fiction, quite literally everything is available. Sometimes I am in the mood for a crime thriller and sometimes I want to read an angsty teenage love story. Easy they are all there,

2. Community
My credits (and/or money) is precious. I don't want to get a book I end up really hating. I can easily read other peoples thoughts and ratings online or on the app.

3. App
The app is easy to use, has a clean interface and although you can not make an in app purchase you can easily add an book to your Wishlist to purchase when you are on a "real" computer.

4. Price
Audiobooks can be expensivvveee, but enrolling in audible's membership program there is a major discount! Even if you do not have a membership there are a variety of free or major reduced books each month.

Why I love Hoopla:

1. FREE! 
Hoopla services are free with a library card! Let me repeat FREE.

2. Books and MUSIC and MOVIES 
Not only does Hoopla offer free books but it also allows users to download albums and movies for a 21 day rental period!

3. App 
Hoopla just did a major overhaul of their app! There app was good before but now it is GREAT. Clean easy to navigate (insert other techie buzz words here).

Both of these services allow the user to download the books so you are not using cellular data when you are not connected to wifi! WIN!

PS. Audible and Hoopla have no idea who I am I just really like these services and want you to read (Teacher moment).

PPS. Kaitlyn introduced me to Hoopla and you should go bug her to keep posting on her blog. She's great. 


Whitney H said...

I definitely need to download Hoopla! Although, my drive to work is only ten minutes long and is usually spent putting on my makeup.... oops.

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I think you have me sold on Hoopla! Must download! I don't have a long commute to/from work anymore (thank goodness), but if I hit traffic, that could still be 25-30 minutes, so why not listen to a book? :) I've rented books on CD from the library, but I like the idea of having it available by phone!

Elle Sees said...

i got a yr sub to audible and swear by it! i love it

Elle Sees said...

i got a yr sub to audible and swear by it