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I Wish I Was a Gilmore Girl


Where my Gillies at!? (<-- is that what the Princeton Review was talking about with bad grammar in pop songs?)

 When Arsenic and Lace came out with their spring line I knew that this shirt needed added to my closet immediately. I also knew that I needed to rock it at TxSC last weekend. I was right. Many a conversation started with a shared connection over Gilmore Girls (ahem Julie and Jen).

The reality is that I kinda am a Gilmore Girl...
Obsessive need for coffee... check.
Biting wit... check.
Love of pop culture.... check.
I own this sweatshirt and 100% agree with it's assertion... check!

That is all you need to be a Gilmore Girl. The other stuff isn't important. Although I would take a Luke if you are handing them out.

Check out the whole spring line at Arsenic and Lace (Gilmore Girls + other gems!)

I'll be the Lorilei to your Rory!

This tee was a generous gift from Meg at Arsenic and Lace, while it was a gift, the opinions of Gilmore Girls and all Gilmore Girls related apparel are my own! 


Abbey Peralta said...

Love love love this tank! When Gilmore Girls released on Netflix I am not ashamed to say that I binge watched every single episode, they're just too good :)

Unknown said...

Okay if your sweat shirt wasn't cute enough, that tank just topped it!! Perfect for Houston summers!

And I wish I was a Gilmore too!

xo, Alice

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Gillies in the hoooouse! ;)

Becoming A Heath said...

You are too adorable. I love this tank, and the sweat shirt! I have been binge watching Gilmore Girls in my free time & it's bringing back so many good memories from when I was younger. Can we get a reunion episode, just one?

- Michelle Heath

Lifes Better Being Southern said...

This is so cute!! Love that hat too!!

Whitney H said...

Girl, your arms are bangin'! I love you in that hat. I promise to watch GG from the beginning. A few episodes here and there just don't cut it!

Unknown said...


Your'e a babe. And I can't wait to see you SOON, AH!

Caitlin Cavallaro said...

Your clothes are always soo stinking cute! You look great lady!