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Let's Chat// Vol 2

FEELING// I am both exited and bummed that this is my last "do-nothing" weekend until after the wedding. Things are getting real real up in here!!! 

THINKING ABOUT// What an amazing time I had at Texas Style Council. All the amazingness is still marinating up in my brain (not to mention work has been cray to the z) so a recap post is on its way. Scouts honor. 

LISTENING TO// PODCASTS! Currently I am all about Breakfast for Dinner-- a super diverse and relevant topic show hosted by Texas Style Council Royalty Nicole and her BF. I' also super into Gilmore Guys--a show about guys watching Gilmore Girls. They are both da bomb. 

READING// The same test prep articles 1000x a day. My kids (students? I call them kids... weird?) are getting ready to take their BIG state test this week. I know they'll kill it. 

WATCHING// Its been a crazy week so the ol' Netflix machine has still be cranking out One Tree Hill in the background, but I am looking forward to starting the next Nextflix OG show Bloodline. Kyle Chandler can do no wrong in my eyes. Clear eyes full hearts, can't lose (<-- I'm always looking for a place to weave in FNL. Nailed it.) 

EATING// THIS!!! MAKE THIS!!! Chicken with MuhummaraIt is super easy AND tasty AND has a fancy name. All things I l look for in recipes. Aarti Sequeira made it on the Today show yesterday! DO IT! 

THANKFUL FOR// My job. Man I just love the kids I get to spend my day with. It was easy at TxSC to be really jealous of the women I met who have awesome creative jobs. I got back to school and looked out upon the 110 faces I see everyday and was really overwhelmed that I get to hang out and impact teenagers lives. It's pretty cool. 

LOVING// These sandals,  Fancy Ashley and the outfit pictures we took this week, This Buzzfeed article that made me bummed i cleaned out my closet in the 00's, and TAGSPIRE it is gonna be the new thing! 


Kathleen said...

I wish I was thankful for my job right now. I have had the hardest year with my kids and I am so stressed out 80% of the time. I have the worst behavior issues and it is exhausting.

I try and make the best of it for the kids who are not behavior issues but it is sooo hard!!! Fingers crossed next year is better. 45 more days of school!

On a more positive note I am so excited to read your recap of the Texas Style Council! It looks like it was such a blast! :)

Hope you have a great last free weekend!!


Unknown said...

Your "Lets Chat" posts make my day!! And that pic of you from TXSC is ahhhmazing!

AND I really need to listen to those podcasts! Thank you for linking them! :)

Hope you have a relaxing weekend my friend!

xo, Alice

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

You and Whit all fancy with your Tagspire photos! LOVE IT. Can't wait to read/see your Texas Style Council recap.


Unknown said...

Loving this series! And I hope your kids killed it on the STAAR!!

Whitney H said...

Yay for using Tagspire!! You're da bomb dot com. I'm so excited to be watching Gilmore Girls! I've seen quite a few episodes but starting from the beginning is perfect.

Amy said...

I just found your blog through the comments of Kerrie's blog, and from reading your sidebar intro, I can tell we'd have an amazing (and well documented) coffee date! ;)

Congrats on your upcoming wedding! How exciting!! And I just finished up OTH. Was hooked in high school, and just went back and finished the final seasons. It brought me straight back to high school, I cried in so many episodes just reflecting on #alltheemotions. Love me some One Tree Hill!