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On the State of Wedding Planning

It is inevitable. Every time I walk into the copy room at work I get asked "how's wedding planning going?".  My preferred response is "I can't really see the forest through the sequin covered trees doing jazz hands" (aka what wedding? We have a dance competition in 5 days!). Now that dance is over its time to face the music... literally, ceremony music, any one have any suggestions on that stuff?

It might be the timing or the fact that I am not surrounded by family (sorry family-- love you) but wedding planning has been relatively easy (says the girl who is knocking on wood, while spinning around in circles throwing salt over her left should while avoiding all black cats on earth.) I did actively do some things that helped making the process SO FAR (I repeat SO FAR) smooth.

1. I didn't but a "Wedding Planning Book". Sure they look really pretty and can totally serve their purpose for some people but even flipping through one gave me hives. I opted to buy a cute little lined  May Book and just keep a running to-do list in that! Besides crossing things off to-do lists is my love language.

2. Knowing my strengths and weaknesses has helped a ton. Strength, designing stationary and other paper products. Weakness, flowers. Watch this: Design and print stationary stuff myself; pay someone to do flowers. Stress gone! IT'S MAGIC.

3. I channeled my inner Elsa and LET IT GO. There was one decision in particular that Reese really wanted input on so much so that I just let him run with it and decided it on his own. I am 90% ok with what he chose. I realized that even though that I am 10% unsure it WILL NOT ruin our day and in the grand scheme WILL NOT matter. So I took a deep breath and let it go... the band didn't bother me any way:)

Now I am off to speak my love language and get SEVERAL things crossed off my to-do list!


Becoming A Heath said...

It sounds like you are handling wedding planning REALLY WELL! I remember the point when I just let it all go, and oh did it feel good. After that, everything was really smooth sailing.

-Michelle Heath

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Woohoo! Get it, girl!

Bre said...

I loved the May Designs planner because it was always on me and not big and bulky.
also a tip, we got our flowers from Kroger. They do full service wedding stuff AND we got fuel points. Lol.

Kathleen said...

Yay! Cannot wait to hear more details on the big day! So excited for you! xoxo

Elizabeth McMullen said...

Wedding planning was a beeep for me, so you're doing so well with it! If you need any advice, I can totally help. That reminds me that I should do a post on cray advice that worked for me... lol good luck at dance!
Beardy Heart Beauty

Unknown said...


Whitney H said...

First of all, you look adorable. Secondly, you're going to be a GORGEOUS BRIDE. I'm telling you, spending money on a "wedding planner guide" was such a waste of $25.