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THRIVE Presentation: Fashion Photography: Pinnable Pictures

It has been a few weeks since Thrive, the amazing blog conference put on by my brilliant friends Whitney and Bree. When they asked me to speak I knew the line up they had already gathered and I was all "NO!". I am not worthy to be on the same internet as Ashley from the Shine Project or Caroline from House of Harper let alone the same podium as Fancy Ashely or Kristyn from Little Luna. Little old me y'all.. not just no but HELL NO... and then Whitney buttered me up with some encouraging words and alcohol at our weekly trivia night and apparently I said yes between answering trivia questions.

I am not afraid of speaking to a room of people... I'm really not, however is it 1000x easier to speak to a group of people who are legally required to have butts in my chairs. When I started working on my presentation I realized that I could go a couple of different ways... technical or informational...or funny. Clearly I chose funny with a splash of informational.

I'm not really a "power point" kind of teacher but I did make a fun little presentation to keep my talking point on point...I may have a bit of a "she get off track really easily" reputation among the youths. You can see the whole presentation here or see  a general break down below!

1. Embrace what comes natural.  

This is my "go-to" face. I've been rocking it since the 1990's. If it ain't broke don't fix it. The only way to have pictures that show how much you love the clothes you are in is to do what comes natural.

2. Embrace Trends (but keep to the classics too!) 

Trends are why we are doing this! Trends are what are going to make our children roll their eyes and ask "what are you wearrrringgg" in disgust. You bet I felt super fancy rocking the Blossom hat and jean vest, sure I wouldn't be caught dead in it now, but at the time I was killing it and you can tell!
(side bar: Reese DID NOT believe this was me... How can you not? LOOK AT THAT SASS!) 

3. Have a Story to Tell 

Stay tuned for a great story about this little shot! 

Pictures are why people come, stories are why people stay, good stories are why people come back. My "red shoe" post and my "Gilmore Girls" post are too of my most popular posts and yes, the clothes are awesome and I look cute, but they are popular because of the story I had to tell!

4. Capture Everyday Life

At the end of the day your blog is for you. It is a unique and compelling way to chronicle your life and even with fashion posts you should capture everyday life! This post was showing off my obsession with Pixie Pants and was sponsored by luxe link (the bag holder on my shelf) but even thought that was the intended purpose I look and will continue to look at this picture and remember my classroom and all the sweet memories made in that room. That part is for me, the fashion stuff is for you.

5. Its OK to KNOW you Look HOTT (double T necessary) 

I repeat: IT IS OK TO THINK YOU LOOK GOOD... just don't let it go to your head. In order to blog successfully having confidence and building yourself up is necessary. Sure there are always things that you wish you could change about yourself... and you can sometimes, but in the mean time embrace them! Love who you are at that moment flaws and all. 

(I then passed out this flow chart)


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting a recap because I was so bummed I had to miss your presentation! All your old pics are too cute. If you ask me, you can never go wrong with funny! Great job Meg!

Unknown said...

WHYYYY are you so cool ugh.

Calamity Lace said...

It looks like you rocked it! Brave girl...I can't handle talking to anyone but my students. Peers = major freak out!

Kathleen said...

Love Love LOVE!! I wish I had been at the conference but this makes up for it....kinda sorta! ;)

That little card is very handy. Now to go convince myself that I can do one too! :)

thenerdykatie said...

I still have a case of the super sads that I missed your class :(

abby said...

Super bummed I didn't get the chance to attend this conference, I am sure you killed it.
xx Abby a geek tragedy

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Yes! I love this. Thanks for sharing it since I couldn't be there. You know, birthing a baby and all. ;)

Ashley Robyn said...

I know that the people listening to you thoroughly enjoyed this. Will you judge me if I answered no just so that I wouldn't cause any one who reads my blog the pain of seeing me try to pose or style myself? lol

gmontalvo13 said...

Great job, I've been anxiously awaiting your post!

Darby Hawley said...

aaaaaahhhhh you're so awesome! Thank you for posting this and being so fab-u-lous!