Big shout out to Ruthie and Rose for the amazing decor!

Full disclosure I am full on obsessed with the founders (Whit and Bree) of Thrive Blog Conference and a few of the ideas or the conference came over beers and geeky trivia questions, so I am super bias on the whole conference, but you should still listen to me because it was whole event was dabomb.com.

Friday night started with a Passport Party on Market Street in the Woodlands --Think progressive dinner but with shopping, desserts and drinks, all the good stuff! When all the shopping and stamping was done we headed up to the Hyatt Market Street Hotel bar to drink beers out of fancy glasses... just how I like my beer!

Special Thanks to Market Street Passport Party Sponsors: Langford Market, Madewell, Tommy Bahamas, COS Bar, Trina Turk, Bath and Body Works, Kendra Scott, LUSH, Elaine Turner, and the Hyatt Market Street.

Saturday was the main event and blew me out of the preverbal water with the amazing speakers that delivered such a necessary inspirational and cohesive message.
Ashley from The Shine Project spoke on making your dreams reality.
Audra from the successful Kurtz Korner Youtube channel spoke on expanding your YouTube presence.
Caroline from House of Harper gave incredibly helpful tips on building a brand.
Megan from Greeting from Texas and Sarah from Pretty Providence were on a panel about making dolla dolla bills (yall) from your little space on the inter webz.
Ashley from Fancy Ashley spoke on creating compelling content (like that is hard with the two cutest kids on the planet shhesh!)
Rachel from Southern Fairy Tale apparently spoke on product photography... I was speaking at the same time she was so the jury still out on wether that actually was her topic... it could have been a in depth discussion on how insanely awesome she is...i'll never know.
Kristyn from Lil Luna discussed all things blogging and wonderful and super useful to our hobby/profession.

I was also allowed the intense pleasure of being the official Thrive Photographer to see all the fun you can check out all of the pictures HERE. I also spoke... which will be another post for another day.

Yall I am so proud of my friend


Greetings from Texas! said...

dolla dolla billz y'all!

gmontalvo13 said...

I love that I used some of the same photos for my recap...it makes me feel like I think like a photographer! :)
Can't wait to read your post; and verdict is in...Rachel spoke on product and FOOD photography! :)

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

You did such a wonderful job capturing the energy of the conference! Since I couldn't be there, it's nice to be able to browse through the full gallery and pretend that I wasn't at home... sleepless... with a newborn. :)

Elle Sees said...

omg this looks like so much dang fun!!!