Lets Chat// Vol 3

Sadly, this is the best picture of me from the last week. 

FEELING// You know those old commercials that are all like "This is your brain, This is drugs. This is your brain on drugs"? That is how my brain is feeling but sub the word drugs for wedding. 

Y'all, take the 30 seconds to watch this... it will be the best 30 seconds of your day, I promise.

THINKING ABOUT// HOW FREAKING PUMPED I AM TO HAVE ALL THE PEOPLE I LOVE WILL BE IN THE SAME ROOM. As a girl who has moved quite a few times in her life to have people from all over the country in one room is REALLY EXCITING TO THINK ABOUT! 

LISTENING TO// Just like the last "Lets Chat" (which was regrettably like 2.5 months ago, whatever) I am still hooked on podcasts. Gilmore Guys and Undislcosed topped this weeks drive. 

HOWEVER, this song is also on repeat! 

READING// The wedding guest list #TableAssignmentsWillKillMe

WATCHING// ALL, like every single one, of the Gilmore Girl interviews from the reunion in Austin this weekend. I made the adult decision not to go, which totally sucked, and I think I will regret it for the rest of my life. 

Watch them here, here (they are a little long, but I can't think of a better way to spend a Friday) 

EATING// Nothing worth sharing, I have a wedding dress to fit into! 

THANKFUL FOR// My future mother in law. She has been a HUGE help in these last few days before the wedding! 

LOVING// This BuzzFeed Quiz (14/15 in case you were wondering #booknerd), This post by Nicole about her Closet Crisis, The Mocking Jay Trailer 

Ok I'm off to cross more things off the wedding to do list! #sendcoffee #nahsendwine


Rent the Runway Recap

I have a problem.
I really like dresses, but I really like money in my bank account better. As much as I wish I was all Carrie Bradshaw (is that a dated reference? Should I have said Blair Waldorf? Do we even have a current TV fashionista?) and dawned a new designer dress on a writers budget that ain't happening.
Luckily most problems have a solution, My solution? Rent the Runway. Designer dresses a fraction of the price for the weekend? Done and done!

 It was an excellent choice. 

Enough with the chit-chat lets get to the dresses! 

Worn to: Bridal Shower 
Pros: Crop Toppy with out being an actual crop top because I'm not Kendal Jenner (OMG is that our current TV fashionista... please say no.).
Cons: I was pretty sure I broke the zipper... my mom had to help me out of it, in which the entire time she laughed at me uncontrollably. (update: I did not break the zipper it was just stiff where the two fabrics met) 

The One Everyone has Rented: Badgley Mischka Manhattan Socialite Dress
Worn to: Reading in my besties wedding
Pros: Suppppa classic with some major sparkle. I fit into the smaller size #RTRwin
Cons: NOTHING. This is the perfect dress.
Props to my 90 year old grandmother who took this picture with my phone. 

The One that is a Romper: Cynthia Rowley- Midnight Lace Romper
Worn to: American Country Music Awards 
Pros: Long enough to not worry about a wardrobe malfunction. 
Cons: Sam Hunt not winning New Artist of the year... technically not about the romper but a con none the less. 

(I turned kind of awkwardly so people could see the length better)

The One that Makes Me Feel Like Taylor Swift: Nicole Miller- Mariah Dress
Worn to: Wedding Palooza (2 weddings, 1 night) 
Cons: Bra situation... nothing a little fashion tape couldn't fix. 

This dress comes in navy blue too!! 

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. I just really am obsessed with Renting Dresses so I look hella fabulous. Rent the Runway has no idea who I am... even though they ended up sending my camera charger back to me because it ended up caught up in a dress I returned #excellentcustomerservice.


Dear HEB, I have to break up with you.

Dear HEB,
     It's not you, it's me. Really it is me. I don't want to break up with you... you complete me, you are the peanut butter to my jelly, the salt to my pepper, the HEB tortilla to my fajita. Alas.... the time has come, although I hoped it never would, we have to go our separate ways. Stupid Louisiana.

We had some really great times together. I spent my teenage years gathering carts in your parking lot and flirting with the older cashier boys (whatever it got me two prom dates, don't hate). I spent my college years buying cheap wine and cookie dough for girls nights in your hallowed aisles. There was also that time that I tweeted/posted/shared when Business Insider called you AMERICA'S BEST GROCERY STORE. Gosh, even Reese and I had one of our first dates in your precious store in which we accidentally wore matching outfit and the cashier laughed at us. Heck, WE EVEN SHARE A BIRTHDAY! See I told you it was me NOT YOU.

I also can't forget when you became even more awesome then you had to be and added a bulk spice/health area and basically changed my life forever. Seriously like $.58 cents for fresh spices! It is too painful to even think about. I knew this time was coming, but it doesn't make it any easier. If it makes you feel better I cried in Target yesterday because cilantro was $2.99.

This isn't good bye forever. I plan on cheating on the local grocery stores. I am going to be importing all of your Texas goodness whenever I can. I have already put several emergency plans into place -- there are currently 40 tortillas in the freezer!

I love you HEB, don't hate me forever. I'LL BE BACK!


PS: wanna open up a store in Louisiana? I would love you even more than I already do. 


Reflections on Year Four

Hi, I've been living in crazy town. Which in case you didn't know is where you live when you are moving/getting married/in a long distance relationship/ preparing 118 youths for a state test and just overall overwhelmed with life. I wanted to make sure that I took a moment in real time to record my thoughts/feelings/emotions on ending my 4th year of teaching. 

Teachers accumulate a lot of "stuff". Today I packed up all my teaching stuff. Impressively it all fit into one rubber maid tub, a file box and a bag. As far as teacher stuff goes I should probably get an award for least amount of stuff any teacher moved out of a room (no need to discuss the 19568 trips my students took to the recycling bin last week). I looked at my cart and felt a little guilty.

"Why don't I have more stuff?"
"Does not having more books, more markers, more laminated inspirational posters make me a bad teacher?"
"Does the the EPA might have me on a watch list...?"

As I sat staring at my cart all loaded up to be taken to my car I noted that I really wasn't ready emotionally or physically to load up my car. This was it. Four years of teaching reduced to a 2 boxes and a bag (and a really full google drive). Why didn't I have more to show for four years?

Then it hit me.

The products of my work are people.

They are people in high schools using the lessons I taught them (trust me, they will ALWAYS remember what a thesis is after the way I taught it). 
They are the co-workers who shared my celebrations and failures.
They are dancers who learned a lesson the hard way.
They are students who remember the extra hug I gave them when they were having a bad day.
They are parents who let me love their kids 8 hours a day.
They are living breathing humans who each have a piece of my heart walking around with them.

Having the most books or laminated posters isn't what made me a good teacher. In fact 90% of the time my room was a disaster and SO not worthy of Pinterest. My energy was going into fiercely loving each student who walked into my room. Teaching them what they needed to the function in life (not on a test!) because I knew, even if they didn't, that English would impact their lives so profoundly... eventually.

I don't know when the next time I will have my own classroom is... and that makes me cry  into my latte (true life I am writing this in Starbucks with my sunglasses on because I am legit crying #embarrassing... update the barista just brought me another drink because I am crying so hard). I do know however that the past four years have shaped the way I look at life. The 500 students I have had in and out of my life and my classroom for the past four years are cemented in my heart. I carry them with me as a example of why I am on earth--to love people.