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Dear HEB, I have to break up with you.

Dear HEB,
     It's not you, it's me. Really it is me. I don't want to break up with you... you complete me, you are the peanut butter to my jelly, the salt to my pepper, the HEB tortilla to my fajita. Alas.... the time has come, although I hoped it never would, we have to go our separate ways. Stupid Louisiana.

We had some really great times together. I spent my teenage years gathering carts in your parking lot and flirting with the older cashier boys (whatever it got me two prom dates, don't hate). I spent my college years buying cheap wine and cookie dough for girls nights in your hallowed aisles. There was also that time that I tweeted/posted/shared when Business Insider called you AMERICA'S BEST GROCERY STORE. Gosh, even Reese and I had one of our first dates in your precious store in which we accidentally wore matching outfit and the cashier laughed at us. Heck, WE EVEN SHARE A BIRTHDAY! See I told you it was me NOT YOU.

I also can't forget when you became even more awesome then you had to be and added a bulk spice/health area and basically changed my life forever. Seriously like $.58 cents for fresh spices! It is too painful to even think about. I knew this time was coming, but it doesn't make it any easier. If it makes you feel better I cried in Target yesterday because cilantro was $2.99.

This isn't good bye forever. I plan on cheating on the local grocery stores. I am going to be importing all of your Texas goodness whenever I can. I have already put several emergency plans into place -- there are currently 40 tortillas in the freezer!

I love you HEB, don't hate me forever. I'LL BE BACK!


PS: wanna open up a store in Louisiana? I would love you even more than I already do. 


Buttercream and Bonfires said...

MEG!!! I absolutely loved this blog. It was so fun and cute...just like you. It's almost time for the big day... can't wait to see pictures.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...


Thanks for the blog about our store. Sorry to see you leaving us, though looks like a good reason. We'll be there when you come to visit! We'll even let you grab a few carts for old times sake! :)

Zach Yeglin
Unit Director
Woodlands Market HEB

Unknown said...

Meg! You are my hero!!! Haha! This post was amazing! HEB, Texas, and myself shall miss you mucho!

xo, Alice

Jordan {FORMER KENNEDY} said...

I went to HEB for the very first time this past weekend while visiting the lovely Kathleen Norris in Houston. I LOVEDDDD IT! It made me want to move to Texas. The deli, the candy shop, the floral department, the amazing deals in bulk! What a wonderful place. Let's get them to go national lol :)