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Rent the Runway Recap

I have a problem.
I really like dresses, but I really like money in my bank account better. As much as I wish I was all Carrie Bradshaw (is that a dated reference? Should I have said Blair Waldorf? Do we even have a current TV fashionista?) and dawned a new designer dress on a writers budget that ain't happening.
Luckily most problems have a solution, My solution? Rent the Runway. Designer dresses a fraction of the price for the weekend? Done and done!

 It was an excellent choice. 

Enough with the chit-chat lets get to the dresses! 

Worn to: Bridal Shower 
Pros: Crop Toppy with out being an actual crop top because I'm not Kendal Jenner (OMG is that our current TV fashionista... please say no.).
Cons: I was pretty sure I broke the zipper... my mom had to help me out of it, in which the entire time she laughed at me uncontrollably. (update: I did not break the zipper it was just stiff where the two fabrics met) 

The One Everyone has Rented: Badgley Mischka Manhattan Socialite Dress
Worn to: Reading in my besties wedding
Pros: Suppppa classic with some major sparkle. I fit into the smaller size #RTRwin
Cons: NOTHING. This is the perfect dress.
Props to my 90 year old grandmother who took this picture with my phone. 

The One that is a Romper: Cynthia Rowley- Midnight Lace Romper
Worn to: American Country Music Awards 
Pros: Long enough to not worry about a wardrobe malfunction. 
Cons: Sam Hunt not winning New Artist of the year... technically not about the romper but a con none the less. 

(I turned kind of awkwardly so people could see the length better)

The One that Makes Me Feel Like Taylor Swift: Nicole Miller- Mariah Dress
Worn to: Wedding Palooza (2 weddings, 1 night) 
Cons: Bra situation... nothing a little fashion tape couldn't fix. 

This dress comes in navy blue too!! 

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. I just really am obsessed with Renting Dresses so I look hella fabulous. Rent the Runway has no idea who I am... even though they ended up sending my camera charger back to me because it ended up caught up in a dress I returned #excellentcustomerservice.


Unknown said...

Haha that was so nice of them to send your camera charger back!! I've always been so intrigued by the idea of rent the runway, but also so scared to pull the trigger! I'm thinking I may need to try out FOR REAL this time after reading you post!

Btw my favorite dress (they were ALL beautiful) is the Manhattan Socialite Dress. GORGEOUS!

xo, Alice

Bri said...

I literally lusting over ALL of these! They look fabulous on you and now I'm pretty sure Rent The Runway needs to be my option for the next event I need to attend.

Kasey At The Bat said...

that little pink number! I LOVE IT! rompers make me nervous, because what happens when you have to pee? do you have to get naked? like. that seems like a lot of work.... but you look fabulous in all of them!!

Jenna Griffin | Gold & Bloom said...

First of all, Carrie Bradshaw can never be outdated. Second of all, that dress is perfect! I've never tried Rent the Runway, but now I want to!

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

The One Who Loves All These Dresses on You: Me

Gosh I would kill to look like you in that Badgley Mischka dress! Awesome!

nicole s. said...

Your blogging game is on effing POINT lately, girl! I loved this post for the giggles and the uh-mazing dresses. That faux-crop is my favorite, and you look INCREDIBLE in the sparkly number and the romper!

Something Gold, Something Blue said...

I'm loving all of these dresses, Meg!! The romper is adorable!! I love Rent the Runway too! It has been great for the wedding season this year - a different outfit for every event without breaking the bank. I have been using their Unlimited plan which has been great with how busy it has been, but I think I am going to go back to the regular service moving forward!

Kati - Incorporating Color said...

I rented the Badgley Mischka in the floor-length gold option for a military ball back in December. THE PERFECT DRESS for sure.

Rachel Emily said...

You look sooo gorgeous in all these dresses!! I can't believe I still haven't tried RTR!

Abbey said...

Oh. My. Gosh. First are gorgeous! These all look fabulous on you. Secondly, I am now perusing the site and wondering what events I have that I could use this for, haha. :) I am with you on hating to spend a fortune and rather keep that money in the bank!!