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Things no one told me about getting married

So we are married. A month today actually, high fives all around!
I feel like the fog is finally lifting ever so slightly. Whew this whole getting married thing... WHY DID YALL NOT TELL ME (just kidding i've read all your blogs), but this whole huge life transition thing is NO JOKE. In month of marriage I have learned somethings things that I was not adequately prepared for. Be prepared for some mic drop style wisdom up in hurrrrrr (false, that last statement was very false).

Marriage comes with A LOT of cardboard boxes. 
Y'all taking a quick look around my living room I could 15 Bed Bath and Beyond boxes... and those are just the ones I can physically put my eyes on right now. Why did no one inform me that I was going to be swimming in cardboard? Don't get me wrong we are so grateful that our friends and family wanted to celebrate our new union with a new set of wine glasses, but there has GOT to be a more eco friendly way of saying "Congrats!"

Everyone leaves you alone... some times they even apologize for calling you.
Reese and I took a little Mini-moon to New Oreleans the Monday after the wedding (also Tip numero uno, DONT DO ANYTHING TILL AT LEAST TWO DAYS AFTER THE WEDDING, that is a demand) on Thursday all of a sudden we realized we had barely talked to anyone--friends, family, adoring fans. It was kinda nice, but at the same time when I actually talked to friends again they apologized for talking to me. I got married I didn't join the witness protection program. Please blow up my phone now!

We now have at least TWO of everything
Due to the fact we didn't get married right out of college (soooo not A&M of me!) we had semi-fully functioning households for the last four years which means quite literally 2+ of everything. 2 Couches, 2 dressers, 4 TVs! (seriously WHO NEEDS 4 TVs?), 6 (yes 6!) bottles of various brands of hot sauce! We have a full apartment and an even fuller storage unit! Anyone need a TV or two?

All People Don't have the Same Bed Time? 
Apparently there is not an international 10:30 bed time... who knew!

Wait you want to stay up till 2:30 am on a work night playing video games? Who are you? Is this a thing people do? You aren't tired the next day? I have so many questions! OK FINE ILL JUST SEE YOU IN THE MORNING.**

**All real quotes from our first three weeks of marriage

All in all this marriage thing is pretty great, especially since my husband (weird, still weird) just brought me a beer in a frosted mug. See I told you pretty great, pretty darn great.