On Opening My Big Fat Mouth

SEND PENCILS (and wine) cause I am gearing up for another whirl wind year in Middle School! 

We left off in my last post concerning my job with the dramatic line "I don't know when the next time I will have my own classroom is..." 

Well folks... I have an answer for you. The next time is now and the classroom is portable 313 and I start school on Thursday and I have a chalkboard... the novelty has already worn off in case you were wondering. 

I opened my big fat mouth multiple times (really more like a million times) and claimed that I was going to take a break from teaching. Reasons included; 

didn't want to get burned out.
The teaching landscape was just so different in a new state. 
I had the best set of students last year and I just couldn't get that lucky twice. 
My previous coworkers were too awesome and anyone would pale in comparison. 
I needed some variety. 
I wanted some more flexibility. 

All totally legit reasons. 
But as God tends to do my plans got wrecked and I found myself sitting in an interview chair for several teaching jobs. It was abundantly clear sitting in one interview that the job was meant to be mine. That small still voice in the back of my mind  whispered "take it" when I was offered the job on the spot. I did come home and talk to Reese about it, cause #marriage, but ultimately we did decided it was what I needed to be doing. 

Lesson learned DON'T OPEN YOUR BIG FAT MOUTH or you will end up tearing up in the school supply aisle and accepting a job to hang out with middle school kids for 8 hours a day (and not so secretly be in love with every minute of it).