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HappyHAWLEYday: Ceremony


Normally the word "traditional" is not one of the first words that pops into my mind when it comes to weddings. I like a little bit of edge, a little twist of something unique. When it came to our wedding ceremony I was all about the traditional for some reason. It may have been that we were getting married in the chapel where Reese's parents had gotten married, it may have been the weight of the moment or it may have been that there is just something sweet and simple about the traditional marriage ceremony. Our ceremony was short and sweet (#baptist) weaving in our love story to the ultimate love story of Christ and his church. It was perfect. At one point I remember looking around and thinking "remember this, this is so special", and it was.

Also, despite my best efforts, I did manage to put a small unique twist on things, the cootie catcher/fortune teller (debate the name, please!) programs! They may or may not have been one of my favorite details from the whole day!


HappyHAWLEYday: First Look

When Reese and I started wedding planing we came up with a plan, a plan that was one of our best decisions we made thought the entire process. Our plan was that we each got two "veto" cards-- cards we played when our hearts were set, the other person could not shut it down. I played my veto card on a first look. Having pictures of Reese and I together was of the utmost importance for me-- mostly because he never really willingly takes a picture, so I milk every opportunity. I am so glad I smiled this opportunity-- he's such a stud in that tux and now tie! Those few moments I got with my man before we stood before God are seared into my memory. 

I am such a big fan of the pictures and the indescribable feeling that a first look gives.  It was the best (and only) played veto card. Reese's came at the reception (stay tuned). 

All photos courtesy of the beautiful, wonderful, talented  Unveiled Radiance 


Lets Chat// Vol 4

FEELING// SUPER PUMPED it is the weekend. We are still loving our weekends where we aren't spending 8+ hours in the car. Also, I am attending the women's conference at church this weekend and as pumped as I am for the actual program I am equally as pumped to try to get connected with some people here. Please pray that I am not an awkward, hand talking lunatic the entire time (fat chance). 

THINKING ABOUT// 14 years ago... as do most people who were young teens in 2001 I remember exactly where I was when the world changed. I remember the word that my Texas History teacher had just written on the board-- sorghum. I remember the announcement, I remember watching the TV coverage and being worried about my grandmother who was volunteering at the Pentagon at the time. I remember writing "Attack on America" in my agenda book because I just knew that this was a date that I would never want to forget and still today we are Never Forgetting. 

LISTENING TO// (whispers) Justin Bieber's new song... whatever sue me, it's catchy and good.

READING// 6th grade english text book. 

WATCHING// THE OC! I didn't watch it when it was on-- One Tree Hill was my drug of choice, but as I feel it is my duty to be all caught up on 90's and 00's teen dramas The OC was next on my list. Plus I just really needed to find out what happened to Dave Rygowski (Adam Brody) after he left Lane Kim after she accidentally sent him the marriage jug (thought you were going to get a post free of a Gilmore Girl reference, ha funny). Also Ugg boots.

Please enjoy this piece of 2004 with me. 


EATING// Pioneer Woman's Lemon Bars... y'all, they are literally lethal. Make them now... but be warned that your plan "to freeze half of them so you don't eat them all" is a waste of breath. 

THANKFUL FOR// Getting into the groove of things! I kind of severely under estimated the toll a marriage, move and new job would take on my psyche but were getting it all figured out ova here! 

LOVING// : The rose gold iPhone it may be the cherry on top of my "basic life" but its just so prettttyyyyyy, my go-to earrings, This eyebrow shaper, and ALL THE BOOTIES 

Photo Credit to my BFFs Wedding photog May Carlson


HappyHAWLEYday: Special Memories

Memories are CRAZY important to me. So important to me that even the memory of making my Matron of Honor pull over in a church parking lot at 7: 30am the morning of the wedding so I could throw up the mix of black coffee and nerves/excitement* churning in my stomach is one I treasure. Unfortunately, I don't have photographic evidence of the afore mentioned special memory. However, I do have proof of other sweet moments and items from our day. Memories like my mother holding court with my bridesmaids, sipping from my first item (ok fine, maybe like 3rd... whatever)  to have my new monogram on it or hiding my panic of running 8 minutes off schedule with a sassy face-- sure glad I have that one documented.

The real sentimental stuff came in the form of: 
  • A set of pearls my grandmother gave to me and the note that came along with them. 
  • Getting to add the infinity bracelet Reese gave me on our first anniversary to the pearl set from my grandparents. 
  • The veil that my cousin Sarah first wore on her wedding day and will continued to be passed down though our families (Lord and style willing, we all know what happened in the 80's).
  • Getting dressed with my sweet mama and my Matron of Honor KatieBeth. 
  • Getting to have my girls see my for the first time all Bride-ed up!
  • And knowing all the while I was making special memories so was my groom... special memories like trading pants with a groomsmen because his were the wrong size. 
Truly it was a special day for old memories to find new life and new memories to be created. 

*I swear on a stack of bibles that my adventures in the parking lot were not caused by alcohol BIBLE!
** CLICK THAT LINK, thank me later. 

All photos courtesy of the beautiful, wonderful, talented  Unveiled Radiance 


HappyHAWLEYday: Bridal Pictures

The two things I love most about my bridal pictures is stark contrast in the two locations they were shot and the fact the story of the second location will be told at parties for years to come!

I had previously shot some portraits the abandoned parking garage across the street from our reception venue (the location of the first set of pictures) and was completely and was completely and utterly obsessed with the texture and light. I mean look at the texture! Can you blame me? Taking my own bridal pictures here was a given A REQUIREMENT. 

The last few times I had taken people to my secret spot it had been becoming increasingly hard to access-- the addition of a chain link gate, a pad lock on the gate, etc. So when Angela, my photographer,  and I showed up it was as locked up as I had ever seen it. I mean sure it didn't scream safety first, but determined bride brain will make you do crazy things. We searched for, found and then broke into a side entrance (aka:a door that was unlocked) to access the mecca of light and texture that was waiting on the other side. At some point during my hike up the stairs with my dress pulled up past my spanks I realized that I had boarded the crazy train, but I had committed to this experience by that point so we went with it! 

Was it Dangerous? For SURE. Was it worth it? See above!

All photos courtesy of the beautiful, wonderful, talented and potential cell mate Unveiled Radiance