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Lets Chat// Vol 4

FEELING// SUPER PUMPED it is the weekend. We are still loving our weekends where we aren't spending 8+ hours in the car. Also, I am attending the women's conference at church this weekend and as pumped as I am for the actual program I am equally as pumped to try to get connected with some people here. Please pray that I am not an awkward, hand talking lunatic the entire time (fat chance). 

THINKING ABOUT// 14 years ago... as do most people who were young teens in 2001 I remember exactly where I was when the world changed. I remember the word that my Texas History teacher had just written on the board-- sorghum. I remember the announcement, I remember watching the TV coverage and being worried about my grandmother who was volunteering at the Pentagon at the time. I remember writing "Attack on America" in my agenda book because I just knew that this was a date that I would never want to forget and still today we are Never Forgetting. 

LISTENING TO// (whispers) Justin Bieber's new song... whatever sue me, it's catchy and good.

READING// 6th grade english text book. 

WATCHING// THE OC! I didn't watch it when it was on-- One Tree Hill was my drug of choice, but as I feel it is my duty to be all caught up on 90's and 00's teen dramas The OC was next on my list. Plus I just really needed to find out what happened to Dave Rygowski (Adam Brody) after he left Lane Kim after she accidentally sent him the marriage jug (thought you were going to get a post free of a Gilmore Girl reference, ha funny). Also Ugg boots.

Please enjoy this piece of 2004 with me. 


EATING// Pioneer Woman's Lemon Bars... y'all, they are literally lethal. Make them now... but be warned that your plan "to freeze half of them so you don't eat them all" is a waste of breath. 

THANKFUL FOR// Getting into the groove of things! I kind of severely under estimated the toll a marriage, move and new job would take on my psyche but were getting it all figured out ova here! 

LOVING// : The rose gold iPhone it may be the cherry on top of my "basic life" but its just so prettttyyyyyy, my go-to earrings, This eyebrow shaper, and ALL THE BOOTIES 

Photo Credit to my BFFs Wedding photog May Carlson


Unknown said...

Bahaha I LOVE this partly because The OC is my jam and partly because I just watched that episode of Gilmore Girls last night!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

BASIC. Bahahaha! Girl, you make basic look goooood. ;)