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HappyHAWLEYday: Details

I had been saving wedding ideas since I was in high school-- no lie. On every computer I owned I would transfer a folder labeled "wedding" and then Pinterest happened and the world exploded and we were all like "OUR DREAMS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED" and then what seemed like two seconds later everyone was like "IDEA OVERLOAD-- WE CAN'T HAVE IT ALL". My goal was to straddle those ideas knowing that a "perfectly Pinterest wedding" was not attainable but come on it's one of the best resources on the internet lets not completely ignore it! 

With the Pinterest paradigm in mind I came up with a simple test-- Did it fit Reese's/I's personality? Was is fairly unique? It made scrolling though the "wedding" page on pinterest SO much less overwhelming! 

I have been collecting coffee/tea/tobacco tins for a few years always keeping my eyes peeled in antique shops and flea markets. Some how keeping MY eyes peeled turned into my family and friends keeping their eyes peeled so I ended up with a collection to use in the wedding that were not only unique in their graphics but in how they ended up in my hands! 

Because there was absolutely NO overlap in family and friends we decided to assign our guests to a table so I needed to do escort cards. With in a few hours of running across the idea my mother in law and I had them purchased, painted and cut! They ended up being one of my favorite details of the reception it injected the perfect dose of personality and uniqueness (test passed!).

From the images above you can tell that we didn't go over board but trust me we did go over board on the fun! 

Photo and street cred to the wonderful, magical, super fun Unveiled Radiance 


Ashley Robyn said...

The tin cans were so unique. I remember helping Kait look for them each time we went somewhere. Looks beautiful.

Unknown said...

You already know that your details inspired some of ours! I love to mix traditional and quirky and cannot wait for our day :)