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We Need to Talk About the Gilmore Girls Revival

It is documented here on this blog and by the perfect or almost perfect scores on buzzfeed "Who said it: The Gilmore Girls Season (insert # here)" quizzes that I may be a TOUCH obsessed with the fast talking (although for the record I don't really think they talk the fast), witty mother daughter duo and their cast of colorful family and friends. So when the news of the POSSIBLE , I will only believe it when I hear it come of out Amy Sherman Palladino's tiny hat wearing head, Gilmore Girls Revival broke my corner of the internet (move over Kim, no one likes you any way) I WAS FREAKING PUMPED.

As I have had 24 hours to marinate in the news (and listen to the Gilmore Guys Podcast Emergency Town Hall Meeting on the subject) I have decided I am equal parts UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED and need the 4 new episodes now (I have PARTY IDEAS!) and a little scared that they are going to mess with the perfect ending I have created in my head.

I recently watched the final episode in solidarity with my friend Katy. She had finished bingeing that day and we decided another (long distance) viewing was necessary, those last 3 episodes sure do take you on an emotional roller coaster (I'm looking at you Mr. Huntzberger and your avocado tree, also THE FREAKING TENT).  I was texting with her after our viewing and shared my take on where the town is now.  Because there are many lose ends that are not tied up by the finale and I have had 7 years to come to grips with that I realized that I have created my perfect ending in my head...

Luke and Lorelei get married. DUH. They are still Stars Hollow's version of Angie and Brad running their respective businesses and being in love. Yes, they bought the Twickham house.
Rory and Logan go off and do their own thing, they grow as young adults and then run into each other at a bar in San Fransisco and fall madly in love again and are together forever.
Kirk and Lulu get married in the town square, double DUH. Kirks mom is his best man and his groomsman is obviously Cat Kirk.
Miss Patty is teaching cardio strip tease 3 days a week. Babette is her best student, and by best student I mean sits in the back of the studio drinking and rattling off one liners.
Dean is Doose's Market General Manager and spends his days stirring the nacho cheese for the late night trucker crowd.
Jess writes books and is still a douche bag.
Pairs and Doyle are married and they are planning on taking over the world Pinky and the Brain style.
Lane and Zach bought the music store from Sophie Bloom and Steve and Kwan wear concert t-shirts to school everyday that both utter confuse and excite their first grade teacher at Stars Hollow Elementary School.
I can't even talk about Emily now that Richard is gone.
and finally Sookie and Jackson are still just as precious as ever,

So there you have it, this is how I see the Stars Hollow world post 2007. Is it insane? YES! See I can admit it we will just file this away as more documentation of my extreme fandom. Also the above is NOT, I repeat NOT FAN FICTION it is simply my way of coping with the Gilmore sized hole in my heart.

By the way thank you to the roughly 15 people in my life (some from HS who I haven't spoken to in a while) for sending me the links to all the articles... I can't decide if that makes my obsession embarrassing and endearing (for the record my mom votes embarrassing with a dash of endearing... thanks mom)

PS. If Luke and Loreli don't end up together in the revival ... well see for yourself


Jess said...

Expect my support in the riot if necessary (which we are crossing our fingers that it is NOT).

The Queen said...

HAHAHA!!! THIS IS PERFECT! I am so glad that I am now a passenger on the Stars Hollow train with you! There will be a viewing party!

Lauren said...

My world blew up at the announcement, too! Did you read Demi's predictions for everyone? They're pretty hilarious. I want Marty to make a comeback and still pine for Rory, April to be away at college (ie, out of the picture), and for Michel to be Emily's live-in companion now that she's a widow. Oh, and I have to disagree on the Twickham house - I think they stayed at Lorelei's so Luke could finally appreciate the renovation.

Michelle said...

THIS IS PERFECTION. You are the only other person I know that shares my level of GG passion. My other friends love it, but don't LOVELOVELOVE it like we do. My phone also blew up over the news and I loved it.

If Luke and Lorelei aren't married SO HELP ME.

Ashley Lillis said...

Yes, yes, yes! I hope that things end up exactly like that! If Luke and Lorelai aren't together, I will forever be scarred! I feel like I need to start binge watching right now, just to help myself get to the mini reunion!

Kristin said...

This is so perfect!! I will utterly be upset if they dont have Luke and Lorelai married. I really wish it was more than four episodes but I will take what I can get. :)

grrfeisty said...

I love this! EXCEPT #TeamJess - he was a dbag but came around in the end! Whereas Logan was totally a dbag the whle time. #agreetodisagree <3

Unknown said...

Where is this amazing shirt from?!

Unknown said...

First off, THAT SHIRT!! <3 That said, I just really need Luke and Lorelai to get it together and just get married already. I will riot right along with you. I bet they drag it out until the end of whatever series they put together. I never was a huge fan of any of the guys Rory dated, so I'm honestly hoping she finds someone new. Your Miss Patty and Babette plan - on point :)

Unknown said...

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