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Lets Chat Vol. 5

Lets Chat// Vol 5 

FEELING// I HAVE NEVER LOVED LIVING IN SOUTH LOUISIANA MORE, we get an ENTIRE WEEK (+1 day) off or with out students for a Mardi Gras break. Pass the beads and king cake because Mardi Gras is my new favorite holiday! Although apparently this holiday isn't just parades and beads... I am going to check out some of the traditional Mardi Gras experiences tomorrow. I have absolutely NO IDEA what I am walking into... but i'll keep you posted. 

THINKING ABOUT//  Two things...
1. Redoing all of the wood furniture in our house over this break. Any redoing posts I need to check out before I tackle this... in an apartment (:/) ? 
2. My old dancers competed in their first competition of the season last week. I spent all day Saturday getting videos and pictures and texts. At first it made me sad but the more I thought about it the more excited I got the opportunity to hang with and coach such a great group of girls!

LISTENING TO// (whispers, again because the last time I did a lets chat it was also Justin Bieber) 
Justin Beiber's new single Love Yourself. Whatever I am 26goingon16... sue me 

READING// Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson

WATCHING// Due to the advent of Hulu and Netflix  I haven't had regular cable in a few years so I am a TOUCH behind with the reality competition shows that hold such a dear place in my heart

Please enjoy this piece of 2004 with me. 


THANKFUL FOR// A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!! I submit that all teachers get a WHOLE WEEK of a break in February! 

LOVING// :This Dress (Thrive dress?), This Eyebrow Wax, This Shop, THIS ARTICLE!!! TEAM LOGAN FOR LYFEEE


Kathleen said...

Um WHAT! You get a whole week off in February for Mardi Gras? I'm jealous....I'm beyond jealous actually. Do you also get a week off for Spring Break? If so then I'm packing up and moving to Louisiana! lol

So glad to see you back in the blog world and I CANNOT WAIT to see in a few weeks at Thrive! YAY!

Whitney H said...

YAAAS LOGAN YAAASSSS. I am so freaking excited for this. Also that dress would look GORGEOUS on you!